India’s finance ministry has affirmed that the Department of Revenue is not actively considering duty waivers for Tesla, as stated by Revenue Secretary Sanjay Malhotra. This response follows Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s recent assertion that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi was encouraging the company to make a significant investment in the country.

“Currently, the Department of Revenue is not actively considering any duty waiver for Tesla,” Malhotra informed Reuters on Thursday.

Previously, there were discussions between Tesla and the Indian government regarding the possibility of obtaining customs duty waivers for importing Tesla’s electric vehicles. However, India had declined this request in the past. Presently, the Department of Revenue has clarified that it is not actively considering any duty waivers for Tesla.

On the other hand, reports from the Times of India suggest that Tesla is currently in talks with the Indian government regarding an investment proposal to establish a factory with an annual capacity of around 500,000 electric vehicles. Government sources have confirmed that these discussions are ongoing. Additionally, Tesla is exploring the potential of utilizing India as an export hub to ship cars to countries in the Indo-Pacific region.

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